Global Automotive Media

Global Automotive Media was created to assist members of the automotive realm with connecting to the rest of the world through Public Relations, Advertising, Events and more. If you are a car dealer, auction house, collector, artist, author, enthusiast or company that provides other  products or services to the automotive sector, you now have a one-stop resource for getting your message to markets such as Europe, Asia, Canada, the Mideast, Australia, South America and beyond. We have 25 years of experience in the new car, collector car, exotic car and race car sectors. We have represented publications, web sites, events and more and know what it takes to connect with automotive media and lifestyles media around the world. We have relationships with thousands of journalists, bloggers, publishers and experts. We effectively pitch your story to generate interest which results in articles, mentions and quotes delivered with credibility from industry experts in each target region. 

The world isn't as big as it use to be, thanks to Global Automotive Media's extensive reach. We handle time difference, language barriers, currency conversions and more details that are often a road block to effective messaging and media responsiveness.

Let Us Connect You With the World!